How many people are at Under After?

It's just me—Mark Forscher. I work directly with clients on everything.👋

What type of work do you do?

Naming & Brand Strategy, Visual Identity Design, Art Direction, UX & Product Strategy, and Digital Product Design. I also consult and advise, usually for Digital Product Direction and Management. View my recent work.

How do I contact you?


What is your background and experience?

I have an MFA from Parsons School of Design in Design & Technology and a BA from Wesleyan University in Music with Honors.

In 2006, I was one of Code and Theory's earliest hires and was quickly promoted to be the first Creative Director. I was Newsweek's Creative Director of Digital in 2008, and the Creative Director of Digital for ABC News until the beginning of 2011 when I returned to independent consulting and design work full-time as Under After.

Have you worked on ___ before?

I may have worked on a similar challenge before, even if there's not an example publicly available in the work section. If you're looking to get a sense of what it's like to work with me, I'd suggest reviewing these client testimonials.

What info is necessary for an estimate?

It's very helpful to have a good overview of what you're doing and why so that I can quickly ask informed questions. Who is your audience? Do you have investors? Paying customers? What are you looking for me to do? How many people are stakeholders on your team and what are their roles? What's your timeline? Budget?

I ask questions like these in the first conversation with a prospective client to understand your needs and if I'd be the right fit for the work.

When are you available?

I'm not available for new projects. Please contact me to discuss what you need and to check my current availability. Last updated 16 July 2019.

What's your process?

I want to understand your vision: what you're doing, why, and the impact you'd like to have. If it looks like Under After is the right fit, I'll outline how I would work to help you achieve the goals you identify.

What do you expect from clients?

Consistent communication, decisiveness, & prioritizing time to be available to work with me. There are key points in every project where I need direct input and decisions in order to make progress.

If we hire you to create our visual identity, how do we ensure it's implemented consistently?

Before I begin any identity project, I'll ask questions to understand where the identity will live and how you're thinking of implementing it. During the project, I'll show examples of usage so you can see how the identity works in a variety of contexts. This often includes websites.

You'll also get brand guidelines to help you apply the identity consistently in the future, to use cases we may not anticipate yet. Another way to ensure everything is consistent: hire me to work on the implementation of the identity wherever it may live.

Can you design a website?


Can you code a website?

Yes. It's important to me to understand how the technologies of the web work. I started coding websites by hand in the late 90s. I designed and built interactive Flash websites for clients in the early 00s. I designed and built many WordPress and static sites. I am well-versed in HTML/CSS and have experience with JS.

I designed & developed this site myself with Jekyll and Github pages. These days I prefer not to develop websites for clients, although I love working with developers to transition from design to code seamlessly.

What have you named?

Respera: a regenerative skincare company
Beam: an advanced transaction monitoring engine for banks and financial institutions in SF
Aura: a high-density, gesture controlled digital picture frame
Scout: a platform providing data insights for Ethereum blockchain protocols
Arwen: the most secure way to trade on centralized cryptocurrency exchanges
— And more that I can't disclose publicly...

What does the name Under After mean?

"Under After" is an unexpected pairing of common words suggesting a position and a direction. "Under" indicates where something is in space, relative to something else. "After" is a position in time, beyond another point.

I've been using this name and url for my design work since early 2004. At the time, it was hard to imagine what I'd be doing this far in the future, but I knew I wanted a flexible container that could continue to evolve with my work. I wanted something subtly strange and familiar—a recipe to stick in the subconscious—that was ownable. I anticipate this name will still fit what I do 14 years from now, although I will likely have a different answer to this question at that time.

Where can I learn more about you?