Brand Identity


Arwen Naming, visual identity, and website design for Arwen—secure cryptocurrency trading on centralized exchanges 

NYC Cannabis Parade & Rally Brand refresh for a four-decade-old progressive event in NYC 

Extra Crunch Brand identity for TechCrunch's premium subscription service 

Scout Naming and brand identity for Scout—data insights for Ethereum blockchain protocols 

Fatherly Nine months of brand and product consultation for Fatherly—the leading digital media brand for dads 

Depthkit Brand identity and website design for Depthkit—volumetric video capture tools for AR/VR storytellers 

Beam Naming and visual identity for an advanced financial transaction monitoring engine 

Fabric Visual identity for Fabric—smart, modern life insurance 

Morris Industries Visual identity for a privately held industrial group in Lexington, KY 

Alluvium Visual identity for Alluvium, an IoT analytics platform turning complex streams of data into real-time insights 

Aura Naming and visual identity for Aura—a high-density, gesture controlled digital picture frame 

Rubicon Visual identity for Rubicon—a “leading provider of sustainable waste and re­cycling solutions” valued at $1B 

Picnic Visual identity for Picnic—a platform to discover and fund non-profits with micro-⁠donations 

One Month Brand identity and website design for One Month—an accelerated online learning platform 

Respera Naming and brand identity for Respera—a regenerative skincare company 

Data & Society Visual identity and website for Data & Society—a leading research institute in NYC 

Poncho Brand identity and product design for Poncho—a personalized weather service and a Betaworks company