Brand Identity


Fatherly the leading digital media brand for dads 

Depthkit a “volumetric video capture toolkit” for inno­vative AR/VR storytellers 

Beam an advanced transaction monitoring engine for banks and financial institutions 

Fabric smart, modern life insurance 

Morris Industries a privately held industrial group in Lexington, KY 

Alluvium an advanced data analytics software company in NYC 

Aura a high-density, gesture controlled digital picture frame 

Rubicon the world’s “leading provider of sustainable waste and re­cycling solutions” valued at $1B 

Picnic a platform to discover and fund non-profits with micro-⁠donations 

One Month an accelerated online learning platform 

Respera a regenerative skincare company 

Data & Society a leading research institute in NYC 

Poncho a personalized weather service and a Betaworks company